the designer

nice to meet you! i'm laura. thank you so much for making my dream possible and supporting small creative business! i was born in buenos aires and raised in tokyo and london. since i can remember i've had a passion for art, fashion, film and all things magical.

during a period in their life that felt devoid of light and creativity, i turned to the world of magic as a means to reignite my imagination. i started playing dress up again and making enchanting headpieces to channel my inner princess, goddess and fairy, using the transformative power of fashion as a means to embody different characters, express my true self, and channel my inner magic.

in 2016, on a whim, i listed my pieces online and to my utter delight and surprise, others were interested in my work. these wearable works of art are not merely accessories but gateways to a realm where beauty intertwines with power and magic.

all pieces are handmade at my home studio in austin, tx.

i recently launched a new brand, laura mar, laura mar is my independent jewelry line creating wearable art, small-batch & one-of-a-kind pieces using sterling silver, brass & gold.

who's judy & madeleine?

named after hitchcock's vertigo (1958). judy/madeleine is the dual character played by kim novak. the name is a play off the idea, or the existence, of one's alter ego. we invite you to create your own alter ego in our accessories.