hey goddess!

i'm laura, fellow goddess & maker. thank you so much for making my dream possible and supporting small creative business! each piece is handmade, by yours truly, at my home studio in austin, tx.

the designer

nice to meet you! i'm laura. i was born in buenos aires and raised in tokyo and london. since i can remember i've had a passion for art, fashion, film and all things magical. i began making magical pieces in 2016, in brooklyn, as a way to spark my creativity during a period in my life that was lacking light & creativity. on a whim, i listed my pieces on etsy and the rest is history. between 2018-2021 j&m was based in chicago. now, all pieces are handmade at my home studio in austin.

who's judy & madeleine?

named after hitchcock's vertigo (1958). judy/madeleine is the dual character played by kim novak. the name is a play off the idea, or the existence, of one's alter ego. we invite you to create your own alter ego in our accessories.